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Delayed / Non Delivery (Vouchers)

Missing Gifts

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to correctly address gifts, whether by email or post.

RedBalloon cannot be held responsible for any damaged, missing or delayed orders where incorrect or incomplete delivery details have been provided.

If you have selected the email voucher option and it has not been received within 10 minutes of payment, please check your junk mail folder as your spam filters may have incorrectly flagged your gift voucher as junk mail.

If delivery is taking longer than the estimated timing for your chosen delivery method, please email us with your Order ID and our Customer Experience team will look in to the status of your order for you.


Valid and unused gift vouchers can be redelivered anytime by email without incurring a charge. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Home Page - www.redballoon.com.au.
  2. Click on “My account” in the top right to log in.
  3. Select 'Orders' from the list on the left side of the page.
  4. Find the required voucher in the list of your recent purchases.
  5. You have the choice to either PRINT or RESEND your voucher via email.


For redelivery via Standard Post or Express Post charges will apply if:

Incorrect/incomplete delivery details have been provided.

You lose the item after is has been received.

The recipient is unavailable for receipt of delivery.

You have changed your mind on a delivery method after the order has been dispatched.


Charges for redelivery of vouchers are as follows:

Standard Post: $6

Express Post: $12

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