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How Does RedBalloon Work?

RedBalloon is a gifting service providing you with amazing Experiences throughout Australia and New Zealand.

If you are purchasing a gift, RedBalloon is the perfect choice as the recipient receives either an email or physical voucher (this is your choice) that is valid for a 36 month period (vouchers/gift cards purchased prior to 18/10/2017 will be valid for 12 months only).

The recipient then books the voucher by entering in their preferred booking dates, which our experience provider will confirm directly with them. This booking request can either be done online or over the phone with one of our Customer Experience Consultants.

Do you know what they want?

RedBalloon has a wide range of gift options to suit every budget and occasion. Not sure which option best meets your needs? Simply use our gift selection guide below.

Experience Voucher

Choose a voucher to send the recipient on a specific experience.

Gifts & Hampers

Select from a range of beautifully presented gifts & hampers. Great for all occasions.

Can't Decide?

Gift Voucher / Gift Card

Leave the fun of choosing to your recipient. Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards are for a monetary value and are used to purchase experience vouchers or any of the gifts & hampers on our website. let the recipient decide how to spend their gift!


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