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How To: Find out more details about your experience

Experience Details

Detailed information is provided for all RedBalloon experiences, such as a description of what the day will involve as well as location, duration and any other relevant guidelines/details under each product on the RedBalloon website as well as in a confirmation email sent once a date has been booked.

Once you have submitted your booking request you can contact the experience provider directly should you have any further questions regarding your experience. If you have not booked a date for your voucher, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

The Weather

Many experiences are weather dependent. If you have any doubt about the weather suitability on the day of your planned experience, we suggest you call your experience provider on the morning of your activity. Their contact details can be found on your confirmation email.

All redeemed vouchers are non-refundable. However, if bad weather affects a booking it will be rescheduled at no cost to you, directly with the experience provider.

Experience Restrictions

Certain experiences are subject to minimum age, weight, health or other restrictions. These restrictions are outlined on the relevant experience information page and also in the email of your booking confirmation. It is your responsibility to understand any restrictions prior to confirming your booking. If you are later forced to cancel due to restrictions, you may be liable for charges by the provider of your experience.

Should you have any concerns, please contact us on 1300 875 500 to confirm that the experience is suitable based on your individual requirements. 

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