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How To: Reschedule Your Booking

Rescheduling due to your own circumstances

Circumstances may arise where you are no longer able to attend your experience on the date you originally booked. To change the date of your booking, you will need to contact the provider directly. They may have their own reschedule or cancellation fees that apply, and if there is not sufficient time left before the booking, a change may be denied and your voucher may be forfeited if you do not attend your experience.

Rescheduling by the Experience Provider

If an experience provider needs to cancel an experience for any reason (such as weather or mechanical issues), you will be notified by them as soon as possible in order to book an alternative date. You should reschedule a suitable date directly with the experience provider, whose details will have been advised to you. Vouchers will not be refunded if cancelled due to bad weather.

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