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How To: Exchange your voucher

Experience Vouchers

If you've received an Experience Voucher that you'd like to swap for a different experience, you may be able to exchange it for RedBalloon credit to use towards purchasing an alternative experience.


1. Go to www.redballoon.com.au/my-account (Australia) / www.redballoon.co.nz/my-account (New Zealand)
2. Log into your account or register under 'New To RedBalloon'
3. Note the list of options on the left hand side of the page, and choose 'Exchange'
4. Enter in your voucher code and follow the instructions
5. The website will issue you the value of your voucher in credit.
6. You can now search the RedBalloon website and purchase an experience of your choice.

  • Conditions of exchange:
  1. Exchanges are only permitted for vouchers that have not reached their expiry and that have not been used to book a date for the experience.
  2. If you exchange your voucher for an experience of lesser value, any remaining balance will be held in credit on your RedBalloon account and subject to the same expiry date as the original voucher. If you exchange your voucher for an experience of higher value, you will be required and prompted to pay the difference.
  3. If you exchange your voucher, it will be exchanged for RedBalloon Account credit to the same value as the original voucher. This credit will expire on the same date as your original voucher.
  4. Any experience voucher purchased with credit only will hold the same expiry date as the credit.

 Exchange your experience voucher now »

Gift Certificates, Products & Hampers 

Once a gift certificate, product or hamper has been purchased, it cannot be refunded or exchanged.

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