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How To: Search the Website

When searching through the RedBalloon website, it can sometimes be difficult to find what you're looking for, especially if you're not 100% sure yourself!

Here are a few handy hints in order to refine your search options and find what your looking for faster! The first step is always to head to www.redballoon.com.au or www.redballoon.co.nz

You can browse the site by selecting 'Experiences' or 'Gift Ideas' in the top menu bar.  Here you will find inspiration based on categories such as location, gift occasion or experience type.  If you are unable to find the ideal experience using the category pages, try the search bar located in the top right corner of the site. Just type in a keyword and search through over 3,500 experiences we have on our site.


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    Libby Soderholm

    Very difficult website and hard to navigate.  Have to keep ringing and put on hold, Won't use redballoon again


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